June 2017

Began exporting Lactase to Europe

March 2017

Acquired Sungwun Bio Co.

Jan 2017

Awarded patent for mutanase, an oral care enzyme

July 2016

Recognized as a Global Excellent Company by Daejeon Metropolitan City, KAIST and the University of Texas at Austin

June 2016

Completed the pilot tests for new lipases for active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) production and biodiesel production

May 2016

Constructed new production facility at company headquarters in Daejeon to produce specialty enzymes

Food Safety System Certification(FSSC 22000)

Apr 2016

Completed the pilot test for the world's first bio-retinol production


Sep 2015

Secured lactase supply contract with Company L

May 2015

Became publicly traded company listed on KOSDAQ

Aug 2014

Began production of Katalase S 350L in GenoFocus' Chinese facility

May 2014

Letter of Understanding and Non Disclosure Agreement Signed with Company L

Sep 2013

Built plant in Jeonbuk Institute for Bioindustry to produce food enzymes

Aug 2013

Launched Katalase S 350L for decomposing H2O2 used in semiconductor manufacturing

May 2012

Established wholly-owned subsidiary in China (GenoFocus Biotechnology Ltd.)

Dec 2011

Began collaboration with LG Healthcare to develop an oral care enzyme

Nov 2011

Launched Katalase S for decomposing H2O2 used in textile production

Oct 2011

Licensed galacto-oligosaccharide synthesis (GOS) production technology to Company Q in China

Dec 2010

Developed and launched Lactase, ideal for use in GOS mass production

Nov 2010

Completed production technology for TL Lipase for use in API production

Completed process development for mass production of Catalase

Sep 2009

Signed NDA with Company I to develop Lactase for GOS mass production usage

Dec 2008

South Korea's Defense Acquisition Program Administration appointed GenoFocus for a dual use (military and civil) technology development project to produce eco-friendly decontaminants for chemical and biological agents

Nov 2008

NDA signed with a global pharmaceutical company to optimize lipase for producing next-generation anticonvulsant drugs

Oct 2004

Dr. Eui-Joong Kim appointed as GenoFocus' CEO

Dr. Jae-Gu Pan becomes GenoFocus' CTO

Dec 2002

Designated as an INNO-BIZ enterprise

May 2001

Designated as a National Research Laboratory to develop ‘Microbial Display technology’

Feb 2001

Certification of Venture Business

Apr 2000

Incorporated through a KRIBB project by Founder and former CEO and current CTO Dr. Jae-Gu Pan