Specialty food

GenoFocus collaborates with dedicated partners to supply premier enzymes solutions for specialty food. Our specialty food partners are:

Ingredion (Functional food enzymes), Company L (Lactase for GOS), Company K (Functional food enzymes)


We work together with our partners to produce only the best pharmaceutical enzyme solutions for our customers. Our pharmaceutical partners are:

Company P (Lipase for API), SporeGen (Spore display and spore vaccines)


We are proud to partner with these companies to offer high quality eco-solution enzyme products for semiconductor and textile production purposes:

EnbioChem (Eco-solutions enzymes and microorganisms), HANSU (Eco-solution enzymes), EcoLab (Eco-solution enzymes)


Our valued cosmeceutical partners work with us to provide innovative solutions for a variety of personal care applications. These partners are:

G University (Bioproduct through synthetic biology), LG Household & Healthcare (Natural ingredient fermentation)



Our animal and agricultural enzyme partners work with us in collaboration to provide our animal enzyme customers cost-effective solutions to increase output. We partner with:

Company H (Food, environment and agriculture enzymes), Company X (Pesticide degrading enzymes)



We work with Korean government agencies to develop our biodefense enzymes:

ADD (Detoxification enzymes for biological and chemical agents)