Management Team

Eui-Joong Kim


  • Ph.D in Microbial Cell-Surface Display Application Technique from Yonsei University

  • Former President of the Research Group of Korea Biotechnology Industry

  • Adjunct Professor of System Biomedical Science at Soongsil University

  • 18 years of industry experience

Jae-Gu Pan

Founder and CTO

  • Ph.D in High Cell Density Culture and Fermentation Engineering from KAIST

  • Former Director of the National Research Laboratory of Microbial Cell-Surface Technology

  • Former Director of the Protein Industry Technology Research Center and Super-Bacteria Research Center for the Korean Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB)

  • Former Director of the Military Biodefense Technology Laboratory

  • 33 years of industry experience

Jong-Soo Choi

Vice President

  • Former Team Leader of Daesang Corporation's Central Laboratory

  • Former Head of Research and Development for BASF Korea Corporation's Biotechnology Research Institute

  • Former Head of Research and Development for CJ Cheil Jedang Corporation's Amino Acid, Nucleic Acid Strains, and Fermentation Process Division

  • Former Head of Research and Development for Paik Kwang Industrial Corporation

  • 39 years of industry experience

Taek-Ho Yang

Head of R&D

  • Ph.D in Microbial Cell-Surface Display and Enzyme Engineering from KAIST

  • Former Project Leader for LG Chem Ltd.'s Research Park

  • Former Senior Researcher for GS Caltex Corporation's Research and Development Center

  • 17 years of industry experience

Young-Gil Kim


  • Graduate of Yonsei University

  • Former CPA at Samjong KPMG Accounting Firm

  • Formerly worked for KPMG Indonesia and KPMG Mongolia

  • Former Company Statistics Investigation employee for Bank of Korea

  • 17 years of industry experience

Do-Young Yum


  • Ph.D from Yonsei University

  • Postdoc fellowship at the University of Michigan Medical School and KRIBB

  • Former CTO and Vice President of inBioNet Corporation

  • Former Vice President of Bioprocess Technology for SEP Engineering

  • Former Head of Research and Planning of Protein Drug Development for Cell Biotech Corporation

  • 29 years of industry experience

Jeong-Hyun Kim

Principal Scientist

  • Ph.D from KAIST

  • Postdoc fellowship at Purdue University and KRIBB

  • Former Senior Researcher for Medicinal Protein Development at Samyang Genex Corporation

  • Former Professor of Biopharmaceuticals for Inje University Paik Hospital's Molecular Biology Lab

  • 26 years of industry experience

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