Designing Enzyme Company GenoFocus

GenoFocus is an industrial enzyme company that develops solutions for the food, wastewater treatment, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. GenoFocus is focused with the development of competitive and sustainable industrial processes, aimed at the production of enzymes.


GenoFocus’ platform technology enables the development and large scale manufacture of optimized enzyme and bio-materials for diverse market opportunities. Using directed evolution and microbial technologies, GenoFocus optimizes the enzymes’ performance. By employing recombinant protein expression system both on Bacillus and on Fungi, we develops new business opportunities in industrial enzymes.


GenoFocus especially focuses on optimizing enzymes to meet the unmet needs of customers’ process environment. We not only discover the best enzymes for industrial processes, but also improve enzymes to maintain enzymatic performance in harsh condition, such as high temperature, acidity, alkalinity and metal ions in solution.


Our innovative biological solutions enable customers to make highly value-added products. Moreover, GenoFocus delivers environmentally friendly manufacturing processes by saving energy, water and other raw materials, while reducing waste.